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A file needs reloading at every boot


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XP Home / SP2 with all updates

and XPize 4.7 Beta 2

I get the error message ...

"The XPize Reloader found 1 file(s) that needed reloading !

Changes will be applied on the next restart."

But changes aren't applied I guess because this happens

at every boot and/or logging off and back on.

I tried uninstall/reinstall but still get same.

I don't know how to find the file it needs to reload.

Anything I can do ?


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It's a known bug, just disable the reloader at startup so it stops nagging. If you want you can always re-run it to see if more files need reloading.

You could use spybot to disable the xpize reloader startup entry. Thats what I did.

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The file in question is shell32.dll all i did was install XPize 4.7 Beta 2, then reboot, install XPize 4.7 beta 1 choosing ONLY shell32.dll patching, then ran the XPize Force Reload tool just to make sure the new resources were saved & then rebooted & now my shell32.dll is patched & I get no more nagging. :)

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