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network bridge problem

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i have a network consists of 7 computers ( wired network ) but one of these 7 computers is a Toshiba laptob which has WI-FI .

i want to make a bridge between my DELL laptob through wireless and the wired network and the bridge pc will be the toshiba laptob which is directly connected the wired network through switch. so i made the following

i went to the wirless network connection in the toshiba and click properties and advanced then choosed computer to computer ( ad hoc ) .

then i went to the DELL and made create ad hoc network and i named the network ( nassar ) . afterwards

i highlighted on local area connection with wireless connection together .

and right click on local area connection and make a bridge connection . so

NOW : everything is ok

the bridge network appeared and connected too

and i connected each of 2 laptobs dell and toshiba through the network name

( nassar ) and each one is connected .

so how can i transfer files between the wired network and the DELL

soo sorry for wasting ur time but i would like to figure this out in details.

thnx in advance

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??? Can you make a kind-of diagram of that? Something doesn't sound right...

Following the procedure in MS Help, it should all work fine (all PC's access Internet) and "talk" to each other (all on same Workgroup) provided the User-ID's are present for the corrrect accesses between those that you allow (also depends on File/Folder security in Shares). Remember, there are two parts for "cross-connection access" (loosely termed) - the network setup and the user accesses. User accesses are irrelevant for the purpose of internet access; they only apply to Local, not Internet, but do apply if one needs to access the other... (slightly garbled explanation)

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