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Which On-Line Shop you like the most?


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Newegg (www.newegg.com) - the most (camera, processor, memory, etc).

I've also used:

www.zipzoomfly.com to order a motherboard twice

www.pcrush.com to order a printer once

I always use www.pricegrabber.com first for price comparison on products I'm interested in.

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whoever has the lowest price.

I agree. Depending on what I'm buying, I do a lot of comparison shopping. But I usually rely on Amazon to start with. Good selection, free shipping (usually) and I can't complain about their service. What's interesting about Amazon is that you can buy from one of their "partners", often for a better price than Amazon direct. You don't get the same benefits as buying directly from Amazon, but you do get to compare their prices with others before you buy.

I bought my wife's camera from OneCall because they had the best price at the time on that particular item. But I've never bought anything else from them because they're usually more expensive than anyone else. You (I) just can't pick a single site and say that's the best source for everything.

Sometimes the cheapest places are not the most reliable, so I always consider the scores stores get, too. If too many people have bad experiences with shipping or returns, I'll pay a few dollars more to avoid those sellers. If you do a lot of online shopping, check out resellerratings.com. They have unbiased reviews and comments on products and on the sellers. I haven't posted anything there for a long time, but I recall that they had some safeguards to keep sellers from stacking the deck in their own favor. I don't remember how it worked anymore, but I do remember being impressed that they at least tried to minimize the false positive posts.

Overall, my vote is for Amazon. Unless someone has a better price. :whistle:

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Newegg, Zipzoomfly, Amazon and buy.com

Amazon has customer reviews and epinions.com is good for reviews to.

There are some exceptions to where I will buy at <gasp> Wally world. I don't do that unless I really need something in like the same day, like the DVD writer I bought there today. Online it would had been 32.00 but I paid 45.00+ at Wally world for the same item. Had to have it quickly. If it breaks I'll just return it.

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