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Vistapack 2.4 Released


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hi guys, thanx for all the replies dudes.

i really apriciate it.

@newstylist, so if i get you straight, that hapens when you uninstall the pack?

that is weird because on uninstallment the pack only copies a backup into your system,

which is not modified...

so that is weird...

that should mean its a bug in the backup file???

but that cant be if you didnt had it before...

hmm... i am in the dark here, are those the only icons that are not correct?

let me know ok?

to fix it you could take the shell32 file out of your windows cd and then use replacer to

replace the wrong file with the fresh one.


Hopefully it wil be fixed then.

@softpedia, thanx a lot man!!!

i really am proud to have that on your pages!!!

but i didnt get your email so couldyou please send it again?

check my profile for my email adress.

thanx again.

@nuno brito, thanx for the thoughts man, i think i can get those tabs out of there.

i will try man, thanx.

and the setup files patcher is allready there dude.

or o you mean a silent install of the pack itself?

Because that option is still on the way.

@ kels, thanx for testing man.


it looks a lot better that sysdm of yours, but i have to rethink my strategie with that file.

As marxo said, it looks like crap on the other tabs man.

BUT i do like the main tab myself...

so any thoughts?

i cant make up my mind...

and check that new replacer man.


hopefully it will work now.

i did that reboot button thing you asked for...

Thax for all the replies dudes.


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Hi Damian!

I meant both types of unattended install.

  • Use a switch to install silently on my system
  • Have the option to use as nlite addon (for example)

btw: I've noticed that some details were only modified after rebooting my machine for the second time (for some reason, don't know why) - after this everything (including title bar as described above) worked really good.

There are of course a few glitches but in overall this has worked very good right from the start and now it should only be a matter of perfecting things.

I like the icons updates - do makes XP look better.

Let me know if there's something I can test and give feedback - I'd like to help somehow.


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@softpedia, thanx a lot man!!!

i really am proud to have that on your pages!!!

but i didnt get your email so couldyou please send it again?

check my profile for my email adress.

thanx again.


OK, e-mails resent :)

Since you're using hotmail, you might wanna check the spam folder in case you don't see them in your Inbox... ;)

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Hi Daminan,

first my honour to your work.

I have made some “process still alive” - *.bmp’s for integrating in “msgina.dll”.

One set is with colours you are using, smooth not fringy.

The other pairs are in green and cyan. ( I personally prefer cyan.)

Perhaps you will take one of them for your next release.

In Windows 2000 German version, TClock3 is installed (TClock.exe, TClock3.dll), but I am missing skinning resources and even a registery entry for an autostart. Result: Nothing changed in the Taskbar. If I can help, don’t hesitate to ask me.








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can you give me a short advice how I can FORCE the vistapack 2000 setup to update the relevant files.

I´ve got it running once, but then lost all icons (..funny...) and it took a hell of a time to get it all back to normal...

Altough having reinstalled the WINNT directory, hoping to get it all back to the original files, the setup of vistamizer is telling "zero" files to update after having checked them. Consequently I don´t see updates on the icons and the logon/logoff, but I do have all the cursors, sounds and wallpaper.

I´m getting crazy since hours...

Many thanks for advices from a pro.


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Hi damian666,

many thanks for this instant reply, and my apologies for mixing up with "visamizer" (that´s of course not your product... :whistle: )

Seriously: I meant the setup of vistapack for Windows 2000, and as said already what happened is the following:

[*]Installed it via admin-account, all worked fine.

[*]by experimenting with some settings of "appearance" I´ve lost ALL icons on the desktop, start-menue, explorer ...

[*]unistalled vistapack, and I believe here I did "something" wrong

[*]tried what I could, user-account is back to normal but showing the standard-icons even though vistapack was getting reinstalled.

[*]creating a new admin account (after hours of trying all tweaks I know) is bringing back the icons there as well, but the standard-ones only.

[*]What is running customized: cursors, sounds, wallpaper of vistapack with no problem at all

[*]not running customized: all icons, logon/logoff-screen

If I run vistapack 2000 setup, it tells me no files to reload !

backup-folder is empty, resources-folder is containing a lot.

Not sure but believe I did wrongly the unistall procedure. What I don´t understand is WHY the reloader is not reloading the vistapack-updates again into the Win-dir. Can you please teach me ? Do I have to run something manually to escape out of that trap.

This is how you can spent your time if your daughter is asking you to customize her old Win2000 to a fashioned look :wacko:

Many thanks for your support


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man, you f***ed it up good...

listen up, the only thing i think you can do is getting in the register

no need to panic, just go to "Hkey_local_machine\software\filepatcher.

there you see the key "filesize" delete it.

then run the reloader.

if this does not work, open the gui of the pack and press the "break" button on your keyboard.

close the gui and reopen it, and you will see the installer screen, install as usual.

let me know man

i am here till 2:00 o'clock


good luck

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