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Vistapack 2.4 Released


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Since Damian is offering others to aid in the overall look of Vistapack, I thought that I would throw in my personal Log Off / Turn Off dialogs as well.

I don't have Vista but I believe that these dialogs don't exist? So mine can be considered:


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im not sure about this

but i seem to also have crashes in firefox which may be related to the combination of SP3 and Vistapack

it works most of the time, but will sometimes crash on exit

however, it doesnt tell me what makes it crash like the other program i was using

if i do catch it again ill see if i can figure it out

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ok, i have a temporary fix for you guys.

dl the attached txtfile, and replace the old one in the comctl dir with it.

then just force reload the comctl file by entering comctl32.dll in the box and press reload.

on reboot you will be happy to use your programs again :D

it seems like the new comctl doesnt like his bmp's to be patched... :(

dont know if it can be done.




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thanks :D your fix seems to have worked

i can now use that program fine

my machine didnt reboot at first, froze after the loading screen

but i did a cold boot and it loaded fine after

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damian666: Sorry for PM, I already have it.

And my "problem": on screens is Win2K with Vista system tray... But I have default 2000 system tray :( .



Help please, I want Vista system tray...

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