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Vista Live pack for XP


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Download Live Blue

Download Live Green

Download Live Red

Download Live WMP11 resource

Download Live Firefox skin

3 Live themes, wmp11 resource and firefox live aero skin.


Live Blue

Live Green

Live Red

Live wmp11 skin

Live Firefox skin

Live Themes:

Update 1! New live Orb - big thanks to *pocketkocurek! Left - right taskbar image fix. And vitsa live_original.msstyles removed - coz I was in such a hurry that I forgot to remove it lol.

OTHER VISTART LANGUAGES: http://www.lee-soft.com/vistart/

Live themes Include:


VistartVisual Style



Uxtheme patcher

WMP11 resource:

This is not a skin, this is a resource!

Windows live resource (Based on windows live graphics) for media player 11 (latest 11.0.5721.5145) version 1 (WINDOWS XP only)

*I don't know where you guys get a later version then this, I downloaded it from official microsoft download page - and it seems to be the latest.

To install this resource you must have the latest media player 11

Place the wmploc.dll and wmp.dll to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player and the C:\windows\system32 directories.

It is highly recommended to disable the annoying Windows File Protection!

For new wmp icons place the wmplayer.exe to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player too.

Make sure you've made a backup of the original wmploc.dll, wmp.dll and wmplayer.exe!

Run media player, it should have the new look!

If you experience some problems send me a note, or comment!

Fixed bugs in V2:

Fixed yucky toolbar icons.

Fixed frame when player is compact, now it is white instead of blue.

The main control BG is perfectly in the middle now.

Planned improvements in Version 3:

Mini player live images instead of black.

Live firefox skin:

This skin is a edit of Vista-aero created by Merci chao, myFireFox

The edited one has just a new toolbar background that is similar to live products.

How to install:

This skin is for Firefox: 2.0 – 3.0a8

Open Firefox Click on "tools" in the menubar, then select "add-ons". A new window will open, select "Themes".

Drag and drop the downloaded jar file to "themes" window.

Then install the theme. Restart firefox, open addons again and apply the theme - restart firefox.

You will notice only the new blue toolbar background, but the search button may be a little buggy so to fix that:

Rightclick the space between refresh and search buttons, select "Customize" and check the "Use small icons" box > done!

Created for Live pack theme

Original vista-aero theme: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4988

Pack Looks perfect with:

live photo gallery: http://fediafedia.deviantart.com/art/Windo...allery-62959276

Messenger: http://get.live.com/en-us/betas/messenger_betas

Live winamp: http://medivheldanar.deviantart.com/art/Wi...Winamp-61340766

Grey coming soon!

Comments are welcome!

Thank you members of winmatrix for inspiration! :)

Live is good™

© copyright 2007 by fediaFedia

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