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Microsoft Outlook 2003 Spam Filter: Under the hood


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MAPILab Ltd. pleased to announce the article "Microsoft Outlook 2003

Spam Filter: Under the hood". This article describes in details how

the built-in Microsoft Outlook 2003 junk mail filter based on

"state-of-the-art technology developed by Microsoft Research" works.

This article point to critical holes of Microsoft technology and will

very useful to technical specialists and non-technical readers who

interested in spam protection technologies. Software developers will

find a couple of exercises we've prepared for them to check if they

have learnt to detect junk mail with up-to-six-decimal-digits

accuracy, as the filter does.

Table of contents:


General information about the filter

OUTLFLTR.DAT file format

Data file contents

State-of-the-art technology

Message sending time check

Check of the message subject for words in uppercase

Check of the sign number in the message subject

Check of duplicate character number

The rest eight checks

Exercises for developers

Under the hood

Appendix A. OUTFLTR.DAT file dump

Appendix B. Useful web links

Full version of the article is available in Internet here:


Reprint of this article with the reference to MAPILab is free. You may

use any information from this article, quote this article, and

reproduce it in any fragment or entirely, both for non-profit-making

purpose and to derive benefit. MAPILab doesn't demand any pecuniary

recompense for usage of this article.

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