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remove display drivers


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If you mean remove all the default "display" drivers using nlite. Then install and use the found new hardware wizard to install them.

Please remember though that you will need to have these drivers "backed up" somewhere.

I do this, i remove all drivers (ALL) using nlite i run any kind of program that will find and back up my drivers, i then put these on a usb , install, open device manager (system properties - hardware - device manager) and then i select any drivers that are yellow - right click - update and then browse to my usb.

Also nlite does not remove all drivers even if you select them to be removed, that is i mean to say nlite doesn't remove drivers that are needed to install the os. like cd/dvd drivers - basically anything that is loaded during install. (Else how would you be able to use the mouse/key board to select some of the options like users etc - unless you used an unatended install)

Hope this helps.

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