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Can you switch from Home premium to businss?


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I work in the IT department for a company, which is on the brink of changing from a family run small business ethos, into a more corporate structure, and I am trying to fight the battle, where the MD thinks he knows best about everything and should also be buying everything including all computer equipment whilst barely even involving me in those decisions (he think's he can save pennys if he does everything himself). I'm gradually converting him over to the way larger companies would work in this instance.

The biggest problem I've had and still have when he just goes off buying what he thinks a customer needs (or his business needs) is that he would just go to any shop buy any old PC with obviously either XP home a few months back, and now vista home premium (as that's what shops tend to sell to the public). Obviously these have limitations when it comes to business features like joining our domain etc. Is there a quick and easy way (for instance like any time upgrade) to just pay a small sum of money to convert home premium to business edition? Without having to go off and buy a whole new OS license again?


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It is not possible to 'upgrade' Home Premuim to Business Edition. The Windows Anytime Upgrade will only upgrade Home Premium to Ultimate Edition - which will contain all Business Elements (such as Active Directory Remote Desktop etc) and retain the multimedia (ie Media Center etc) that you have with Home Premium.

If you do not mind reinstalling the OS to achieve a clean Business Edition - then you can purchase a Vista Business Upgrade DVD and perform a clean install using Microsoft Guru Paul Thurrott's well-documented 'How to perform a clean install with an Upgrade Vista DVD' tip - [http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/winvista_upgrade_clean.asp]

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