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Sysprep since the advent of dual core


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@iTwins - Correct me if I'm wrong, but the UpdateUPHAL line checks the HAL required, Uni or Multi, and chooses the correct one for the platform being built. If the master is built on a Multiprocessor, and will be deployed on only Multi or Uniprocessor systems, you don't need this line but you will have a performance hit on the Uni's running a Multi proc HAL. If iqsman needs to deploy to ACPI systems as well, he should build it on a Uni or Multiprocessor system then change the HAL in device manager to ACPI before running sysprep.

I think that is correct however, I do not use the UpdateUPHAL or UpdateHAL switches. Instead I copy teh required HAL and kernel files to the system32 instead. It works just as well if not better. Luckily, my corp doesn't have any pre-HT systems to support. The only one pre-HT system that we need to support that uses ACPIPIC is the crappy MS Virtual PC 2007 and this was tested no problem.

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They're talking about virtualizing desktops here and there so I hope that doesn't come to pass. But since it probably looks good on a spreadsheet somewhere we'll have to deal w/virtualization sooner or later. :wacko:

I've just now tested building on a Multi proc, changing it to ACPI and the UpdateUPHAL line changes to the Multi proc HAL just fine. I need to try it out to make sure it works on a Uni and ACPI HAL, but I think it should work just fine. So i guess I'll be able to add our M60's to the image as well (sigh)

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