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Does COD4 come in the PC format or is it just for XBOX and the like? Grandson has it on XBOX and says it is awsome. I've been playing BF2. Is COD4 better?

COD4 has been released for PC and XBOX360. I believe for PS...2 or 3 as well, but you would simply need to check the official web site for that. I can't be bothered ;) Up till yesterday I played BF2 single- and multiplayer on PC, but now for singleplayer I've switched to my extended trial version of COD4. Would like to get the full game, but waiting for it to drop in price a bit more ;)

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Well I bit the bullet and got COD4. The graphics are awesome. I'm only on single mood for now. It was what I expected it to be just like the other COD'S. COD3 never came out in PC format to my knowledge. So far it's a great shooter but the price is a little to high but still its a good way to while away the hours up here in the winter when your retired. LOL. I may try multiplayer this evening.

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Has anyone tried installing this game under Windows 2000?

Even though it says it's not supported, it miight still run. I'm hopeful :ph34r:

While I've heard it runs, it won't install on Windows 2000. You get a message saying it's unsupported. My attempts to bypass the OS check aren't going so well. Anyone been successful?

This new trend really annoys me. Most times the requirements say an OS isn't supported, but it still lets you install it. I fully understand that if one chooses to do this, it is at your own risk and you will receive no support. Fine. The fact that they actually block the installation is quite unacceptable.

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