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Front panel audio problem in vista x64


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Well i recently got x64 vista. I'm having problems with the front audio panel, the headphones aren't being recognised.

this problem is on both the soundmax drivers and vista's own drivers, the ones that get installed by default for sound. nothing is detected on the front panel. it worked fine in xp, and still does (dual boot) but not in vista :realmad:

installing the soundmax drivers simply doesn't work, no playback or recording device is detected in the sound options after installing and rebooting. when i delete the device from device manager and scan for devices, the default drivers are installed and the headphones work in the back ports but still not the front :(

i read somewhere on google that vista only supports hd audio, not ac97, but in the bios the setting is on hd audio and not ac97.

any suggestions? thanks.

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Well i thought about where to post it, but i thought the vista section would be best since with both drivers (generic and soundmax) the headphones aren't detected when i plug them into the front jacks.

It could go in both sections... maybe a moderator can help me out here?

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Usually SoundMAX and RealTek Audio drivers both come with Mixer Applications, you can use automatic detects or manually setup from main mixer where you plug speakers/headfone into. Choose and select 4 Speakers for your output to have your sound card ENABLE device ports. Try that...

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^ thanks for the response.

the soundmax drivers didn't come with any other application other than the drivers. the xp version did come with a soundmax control panel but not vista x64, possible vista in general.

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