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What is the best designed website you have seen?


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I need some more ideas for my web designing...

So I am wondering what people favorite websites are?

In terms of design, and ease-of-access. (and fast to load... I guess.. but doesn't have to be)

Please tell me your opinion! And perhaps why you have chosen that!

Thanks in advance,


PS: My favourite designed website for quite a while was rizon.net, but I don't know what my favourite is at the moment!

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here is some of my favourite websites:

A Big List : www.neurocode.de/?page_id=200

Adelaide Massive: www.adelaidemassive.com

Brum N Bass www.brum-n-bass.co.uk

Cutterz Choice: www.cutterzchoice.com

DnB Forum.NL: www.dnbforum.nl

DnB Space: www.dnbspace.com

Dogs On Acid: www.dogsonacid.com

Eat My Stack : www.eatmystack.co.uk/forum

Grid Recordings: www.gridrecordings.com

Israel DnB : www.dnb-il.com/index.php

Liquid DnB www.liquiddnb.com/forums.html

Italy DnB www.dnbmovement.it

Microsoft Forums : www.msfn.org/board/

Mac Forums A.T.M : www.forums.macrumors.com/index.php

Melbourne Beats: http://melbournebeats.com/

Melbourne DnB: www.melbournednb.com

Innovation : www.innovation.gb.com

Joomla A.T.M : www.forum.joomla.org

So Glos : www.forums.soglos.com

South Africa DnB www.drumnbass.co.za

Teknoscape www.teknoscape.com.au

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