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How to make a bootable ghost vista?


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After installation, I creat a ghost, which is convenient for use.

Now, I want to make a bootable ghost vista, just like the previous bootable ghost xp, however, I dont know how to make such small in 1 CD, universal use, is there any one could help me handle this, any guide or teaching will be highly appreciated.

now i have " .gho" file, how to transfer it to bootabe,1CD, universal use ".iso", then I can burn it ?

Many thanks in advance.

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you are better off downloading the WAIK and building and unattended Vista installation your will not be able to get Vista down to 1 CD for an image, the size is to big to make this possible

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I've always used a BartPE disc to do this with GHOST plugin.

This will give you more flexability, you can keep a copy on the network, you can use CD, you can use another partition on the same computer, the possibilities are endless.

Also, I've created a hidden partition in the past and loaded a ghost image on there, that way you can load the BartPE disc, point Ghost at the recovery partition & restore from there.

If you wanted to, you could load BartPE to the partition as well and script BartPE to load up Ghost for you, kind of like a true recovery partition.

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