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Request for a driver for Vista x64


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You need to install your motherboard drivers.

Not very helpful. The driver is a Windows driver not a MB maker driver.

anyway... The original Vista DVD should have the driver on it. Try extracting it from the install.wim.

The problem is you need to know what driver it uses.

I think it uses usbstor.inf which references usbstor.sys. Is that what you need?

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Woo, sorry about that. I was replaying to another forum about a motherboard issue along with this window opened. Guess I got side-tracked.. :wacko:

Is it a USB external HDD or flash drive? I know I've gotten this issue with 2003 Server back in the day but i just had Windows install the generic driver.

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vLite can't remove that driver.

Interesting, I just had a look at my usbstor.inf in C:\Windows\Inf, and it appears completely blank.

Could someone post the contents of this file onto the forum for me to copy?

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Seriously vLite can't do that, I'm not joking nor guessing.

Sorry, I wasn't suggesting it was vLite's fault.

It gets weirded. The file posted (thanks, btw), once copied to the directory, with the Add New Device dialog pointed there, now results in this error:

This operation requires an interactive window station

Any takers?

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