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Which Os do you prefer


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  1. 1. Whcih Os do you prefer

    • windows xp
    • Ubuntu Linux
    • Other

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Rather slim on choices O.o'

Selected 'OTHER' since Win98Se isn't listed :P

Using it mainly for application compatibility, smaller size, low requirements, and it fits every one of my needs without issue. Be it gaming, running as a 24/7 webserver, or development platform... it has yet to fail me :)

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yea i know i made the choices slim. i just wanted ppl to choose mainly betwen the two :whistle:

sumone was tellin me more ppl will prefer linux over xp, so im tryin to prove their theory

Um........... If that is what you are trying to prove, your data is definately going to be skewed in favor of MS for the simple reason that your asking this question on a MICROSOFT SOFTWARE FORUM NETWORK board!

Personally, my favorite is OpenSuse, but I don't transcode DVDs like I can with DVD-Rebuilder on XP, so the main software I use won't work on Linux, so i'm stuck.

Using WINE or VMWare slows it down too much & WINE doesn't like CCE too much either, so...........

EDIT: Also, you're trying to prove that people like Linux, why limit your choice to Ubuntu? I personally don't like Ubuntu, but like I said, I like OpenSuse.

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