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My new cybercafé design


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People were asking me what I’m doing these days.

I’m going to open a new cybercafé here in Mexico and designed the workspace for a customer.

2_thumb.jpg 3_thumb.jpg

* Click on the images to see actual size (640*480 aprox. 90kB).

It doesn’t look difficult but as I write this, the workshop is starting to make some parts already.

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I will start to shoot photos before I begin too, so you can compare it. Believe me its ugly now.

Bad thing is that I’m short on cash; I can’t directly make the place like I want.

This design is relatively cheap, about 35 US$ for each customer place :). The base is made out of black spayed metal square tubes welted together. the tube behind the screen will hold the monitor and headset cables inside so you only will see the mouse and keyboard cables coming out of the desk beside that tube. The tube it self is made again out of iron, painted black and finished with a high gloss transparent paint to make it scratch proof and looks like it came directly out of the shop. All this I do myself, less the welding it together (I have no tools for it, nor can I weld that good). The desk it self is made out of wood panel with a scratch resistant topcoat in blue and black nylon edges...

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I could have added the wires but I thought it would not add that much information to the picture. By the way, there will be a 54Mbit wireless network in combination with a LinkSYS WRT54GL. Zxian will help me to setup the router; firmware and some tips´n´tricks ;).

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