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Older Versions?


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Seeing as I couldn't get 4.6 and 4.7 to work with creating ISOs, I was wondering if there was somewhere I could download an older version? I have 4.5.1 however, that doesn't Xpize the Windows XP Setup page, and I would like to Xpize that.

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not afaik, nor have i ever seemned to come accross your 'problem?'

maybe you want to include more details about what it is your looking for (what going wrong),

also most of us recomand running xpize unattendedly on first run - instead of patched the iso (most of the time anyways),

if for some valid reason your iso creating doesn't work (or give error) you'd better just use the (unattended) installer after you installed windows - untill there's a new version avail which is based on a new system....

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This is the problem that I was talking about.

Basically I patched some RIS images I created with Xpize a while ago and the later versions of Xpize gave the Windows XP Setup has a nice Royale look and feel to it as opposed to the default style.

If there is another way to do this I would be very grateful. Is it as simple as using a patched winntbbu.dll?

EDIT: Found it here! :D

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