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[NEWS FLASH] reshacker.exe => 64bit


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Dear XPIZE re-pack'ers,

beyond my verry amazement the developer of ntcore showed me thing or to just a few mins ago,

and whilst still smiling so broad that my jaws are in unbearable pain im now righting you a neet update to the situations..

cuze you are now invited to start builing x64 versions of your current file-sets..

NO its not with the new patcher yet, but its even way more amazing ...

as for the time being ntcore found a way to build a bridge between what you allready know, and what youve been asking about for so long...

so why are 'we' inviting you to use an outdated patcher, that will be replaced hopefully sooner than later.

well basicly we want to to go and find all the resources,

> look for simularities and diferences..

we want you to get a head start on us...

so when the new patcher IS ready ...

you wil already have the knowledge and the skills to fastly port your packs...

also this will take some of the pressure from us as we dont have to hurry things as mutch to be able to give you previews, offcaurce this would enable us to spend more time on optimizing for stabillty and speed on spcially the scripting engine...

so how did he get that old piece a .@#$#@!# to do 64bit binairies...

well to be honnest - basicly it doesn't we just clone the entire exe from 64bit to 32bit first,

than let reshacker patch the clone file...

and when reshacker is done convert / move all the cloned resource back into the 64bite file

this has actually never been done before as far as we know,

and we where realy suprised that it worked.

the downside however is that its not really that quick - 'wel actually its worse'

BUT it WILL let you guys get a head start.. with scriptfiles you already are familiar with..

please check this topic as i will ad the download to this file A S A P.....

update : i hope some minor changes make things more clearly....

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I think thats what he's saying :s

TBH don't like the sound of 64bit files being converted to 32bit and back? I'm sure we would eventually come across a file that doing that to will screw up your 64bit system...

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I know what I'm doing. =) Resources are the same in 32bit as in 64bit. I basically export PE64 resources to a PE32, open it with reshacker and then reimport the PE32 resources back to PE64.

I don't use windows functions and I don't modify a single thing of the original resources (except fixing the addresses etc). As for speed, it's faster than adding a single resource to a file with the windows functions.

The only thing reshacker can't handle are Vista's PNG icons. For that you can use my patcher if you need to.

This system is error free and very stable. It's simple as idea, but not so simple to write, one has to have a good knowledge of win32 resources.

Just to be clear, you don't need to use this system, my patcher already works with all the functions u need. I wrote this system for mainly other reasons. ResHacker is still very useful since it has a parser for resource files etc. I won't implement one, at least not in the near future, and it doesn't make any sense to reinvent the wheel. So, basically, by giving the user resource hacker for PE64s, I can focus on more important things right now. =)

So, basically you can use this system for a painless and immediate transition, but you are not forced to.

I hope this makes everything a little bit clearer.

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sounds sweet, thanks for joining just to post that for us & welcome to the forums

soon i'll be able to make my 32&64 bit 7zip icon patcher, have all my resources ready, just need a way of patching the 64bit dll's instead of using reg entries to display the icons

great work

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