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KB941649 problems...


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While installing update KB941649 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/941649) it searches for updates, then OK to install but then the installation ends with nothing but a "The following updates were not installed: KB941649"... it's easier to blame vLite when it might not have anything to do with it... and, I don't actually have a preset, but this installation is pretty bare, there is no WEI, no games, no IE, etc. Any ideas?

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I've had a worse problem with that update. I installed it 'manually' and after my PC had rebooted, Vista just hangs on the loading screen. Safe mode etc don't work either.

So I tried creating a fresh Vlite'd Vista install disc, which includes all of the relevant updates, including KB941649. When I tried to use this the install hung once it reached the 'completing installation' stage.

This is all on Vista Ultimate x64.


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I have the same problem as EAC, everything is fine while installing the update (also on x64). But upon reboot it never gets past the loading screen. I've tried a heavily vLite:ed installation and one with just drivers and languages removed, same thing on both. I don't think this is a vLite problem.

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I've just some more testing and it seems that Maw is correct - Vlite isn't at fault.

Installed Vista Ultimate x64 without Vlite, and updated it via windows update. After it had rebooted, I 'manually' installed KB941649. This seemed to work ok, but got stuck on 'configuring updates'. I reset the computer and sure enough, it now gets stuck on the loading screen. Well done Microsoft :angry:

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same here... won't boot anymore. I even reformatted and on a vanilla install (no nlite or anything) same result. I really want to like Vista, but man it's a house of cards for me. :unsure:

Vista 32 bit business

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Getting the same problem here, and I'll explain in detail.

I downloaded the KB941649 patch manually from Microsoft's site on Thursday, after seeing a Windows Troubleshooting entry on my system suggesting me to install it. So I did that, and chose to Restart Later (because I'm that sort of guy, I guess).

When I decided it was time for bed, I closed all my open programs and rebooted, not waiting for the reboot; I chose to reboot and just turned off my monitor.

Next morning, I went to my PC and noticed it was stuck at the Installing Update phase of the reboot process. The aura ring was spinning, but I guessed the system had PLENTY of time to install the patch during the previous 7 or 8 hours, and I kept my power button pressed for 5 seconds.

I powered my PC back up again, and Vista wouldn't load through the normal process. I powered off. Restarted, went into Safe Mode: same problem as you guys, stopped at crcdisk.sys. This is the sort of file you don't like getting in the way, especially if you don't have a really up-to-date backup of important personal files =( . But then I forced a reboot, pressed F8 again, and was greeted with the previously unseen Last Good Configuration option, which I selected. Lo and behold, Vista was running again.

And the only noticeable difference I saw was a ton of programs dying because of DEP (Data Execution Prevention) errors (which I cannot blame this patch for, since I hadn't run them previously). I then went about to do my regular stuff, and upon installing an HP Officejet driver, I was asked to reboot for the driver setup to continue. I clicked OK. BIG MISTAKE.

Now I can't boot into Vista any way. This is a fully-legal retail copy of Ultimate x86, US English version, so everything seems OK to me. Neither Start Normally nor Safe Mode nor Last Good Configuration do anything. I have no idea why this is happening.

What have I done so far?

Fortunately I had a copy of Hiren's Boot CD 6 lying around, and went into Seagate's SeaTools diagnostics program (I may have a Seagate disc, not sure, I hardly ever remember my HDD manufacturer =P but it should work with anything). The program told me my File Structure has Critical Errors. This would explain why the Vista booting progress bar stops and starts at very specific intervals.

There was no option for repairing it from SeaTools so I decided to insert my Vista DVD and boot into it. I did so, selected Repair My Computer and was promptly suggested to use System Restore to boot into a previous restore point. I said OK. It did its thing, thought for a while, and rebooted my system. But the problem persisted.

Vista still doesn't boot up. So I ran the Vista Repair My Computer tool from the DVD again, and said NO to System Restore. It then took about 15 minutes to go through the system, checking for the issue. Once it finished, after telling me how sorry it was that no reason was found :( , I clicked on "View diagnostic and repair details". All tasks had completed successfully, but the last line reported:

Root cause found:
A patch is preventing the system from starting.

which made a hell of a lot of sense.

But I still can't do anything. The Vista recovery tools I now have available are:

  • Startup Repair: restarts the whole repair wizard
  • System Restore: lets me use a Restore Point, which hasn't worked previously
  • Windows Complete PC Restore: if I had a kickass backup, I'd choose this to restore my PC. BUT I DON'T =P
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool: scans the RAM for errors. I'm not even going to bother
  • Command Prompt: I imagine I'm going to eventually resort to this, but since I don't know exactly what file/s to delete or what operation to perform, I'm going to pass for now

Would turning off my PC while it was theoretically updating Vista with this patch have anything to do with it? Maybe. But since nobody else is reporting an interrupted patch install, I'd have to go with NO.

So, here's hoping Microsoft realeases an urgent patch to fix this...patch.

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Similar issues here. My system did not boot at all, not normally, not in safe mode and not after selecting Last good configuration. I had a test installation of Vista (x64) from which I created a new installation with vLite. This installation also hung at the final step of the installation process.

Fortunately I had only installed 2 of patches (along with nHancer, Nvidia graphics tweaking tool) and my guess was the update mentioned here was the cause. After keeping it out of the integration of updates, installation went fine. I am staying clear from this update, until the cause and a solution have been found.

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I tried it now with all removed except IE and Aero and it installed fine (restarted 2 times to make sure). Haven't tried integrating yet though.

Someone who can't install this post-install please attach your preset.

edit: tried integrating on x64 Vista Ultimate with all removed as well and it installed fine. So it seems I need your preset for that too or the removals are not the cause.

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I initially thought it might be an issue with VLite, but as I mentioned previously, I also set up a new pc using the original Vista Ultimate x64 disc, no integrated hotfixes, and no use of Vlite. Once installed I updated it via windows update. Then once that was done and the pc had rebooted, I manually installed KB941649, and it stuck on configuring updates. Rebooting made it just hang on the loading screen.

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i had tried to integrate KB941649 to Windows Vista Ultimate x86, after installing of windows i found that KB941649 had not been integrated,i install it manualy without any problem and windows boots normaly.

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