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Spliting s/w?


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Hello mates

I made a slipstreamed xp with nlite which is abt 2.5 gb

***why dont nlite have an option to split, like vlite has?***

i want to burn it on cd in 3-4 parts ... but how??????

if i use winrar or hjsplit it only split it in different parts but dont put any command in it like insert 2nd cd to continue and so on till the setup ends .

I ve some games cd which are splited from dvd ...

And while installting those games pc ask for 2nd cd (and so on) for furthur installation....

I wanna know which s.w i can use to split dvd games or any exe files

which insert the command that "insert 2nd cd or insert 3rd cd to continue"

I dont have dvd writer and i don wanna buy it now too...

thats y i need this help in spliting any os ,game or any file which is larger than 700 mbs

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Because Vista installation supports that.

Maybe you could split the XP CDs by hand then when it stops and says that it's missing files you just put another CD and press retry.

On the first cd be sure to have all the setup files, I don't have a list, you may do some trials in the virtual machine for that.

Things like:





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Thanks a lot sir

But can u tell me any software which can split the iso for cd....

like i said earlier games DVD which are splited in different parts for cds has command (option) of "insert 2nd cd to continue"

It would be nice if u make split option (like vlite has ) in next version of nlite

thanking u

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I would suggest using a installer manager like xpcreate or WPI in conjunction with cdswitch (All can be found on this forum).

SO you would have one cd for windows and a couple of extras then during the T-13 phase or after first logon it would start installing all of your apps and at the times you denote it would ask for the next cd and then the next one and so-on.

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Thanks for reply Kelsenellenelvian :)

lemme me try ur suggested method and let u know the overcome



I found a s.w which can split os :) but it has bug :(

here is the screenshot...

so that u can believe that its possible and the size of the s.w is just 733 kb.... :rolleyes:



Option to choose the size of image with drag down....


error which i am getting when i press "create ISO image"

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