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Hi all, so far I've created a UAXP CD with necessary softwares. I want to add some extra features like when I boot from the CD it should ask for options like

(1) Check system for virus (on clicking this link my virus program on cd which is capable of scanning viruses from a bootable cd) should work.

(2) Read data from NTFS volumes, so that I can make a backup of the files, in case needed.

(3) Read data from Linux / Mac, so that I can make a backup of the files, in case needed.

(4) Install XP OS (for fresh HDD)

(5) Install programs (on clicking this my WPI application should work, of course this will be used in GUI mode only after OS installation).

Is it possible, any help greatly appreciated.


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Yes its possible, its a Multiboot DVD.

Firstly look at Ultimate Boot CD for 1 and 2. They use something like a FreeDOS boot disk with the software insatlled to allow the functionality required.

3 would require something like **** Small Linux added to the cd, 4 is a normal Unattended install. These would all be accessed from a bootable menu (like isolinux, cdshell etc). Option 5 would only work from the a custom setup.exe on the cd, adding it as the autorun (like on a normal wondows cd). The information on adding these is in the Multiboot part of the forum, and there are a few methods for doing this.

Part 5 is only available from GUI and would probably be done in a custom autorun exe on the disk

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