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How to build a PC.


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I used to work parttime for one of those stores, it was common practice. We would get a sap who would come in, ask us to install something that they had bought. My boss would help them, tell them it would be ready in 3 days, charge them a flat 65.00 rate, swap the parts for OEM, phased out, and used parts of similiar size, dimension speed or whatever.

It would take about 10-15 miutes to install, and the customer would be very happy.

I finally got tired of that s***, so I quit, but I learned first hand how it works.


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Yep booger, I have done it also when I worked at a few computer stores. Thats why I quite now do it as a small buissness on the side from home. You have to watch these guys.

That why I always show and tell everyone they should get to know there PC and not let others mess with it.


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Well, i have 2 comps, one from Evesham (this one, XP) and one i built, AMD Duron 750. I enjoyed building the computer very much and would like to do it again!! It hada few problems with RAM (was faulty) but that got sorted :cool: Building your first comp at the age of 14 aint bad either :)

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Member Lezend has built an awesome PC with amazing results. Based on the latest Intel architecture this P4 2.53 screams. High quality photos of the individual components to include the final product accompany the thread for our viewing pleasure.

Trials and tribulations come with the advent of any home-built PC and Lezend experienced a fair share. MSFN members rose to the occasion offering their professional knowledge and with Lezend's personal drive to complete the project we have another MSFN winner!

Lezend used MSFN and the internet for its full value. Hand selected components based on MSFN recommendations to include other external resources such as www.PriceWatch.com for sourcing hardware achieved a high-end system at competitive prices.

Congratulations Lezend on a job well done.

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..."This documentation guide for n00bz . That sux when people are "dark" in computers"

opposed to "are dark about English"

Not everyone is able to build a PC, not everyone is able to magically know how to build a PC the first time they have to do so.

Everyone has to learn how at some stage. If they are intelligent enough, its usually BEFORE going about building, rather than after blowing something up.

As Filer said, this thread is 2 yr old, why dig it up?

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At last a thread I can offer expert advice on and give something back to MSFN instead of asking questions all the time.


I am a system builder who builds around 5 PC's a week of varying specs. Here is my shopping list for a typical PC from my chosen UK supplier at the minute. If you buy these components they will work together flawlessly and be very easy to build. You will also have a great looking PC. The case and motherboard is known as an XPC shuttle system and is pre assembled. The instructions are excellent for a first time builder. It utilises an nforce2 based motherboard so requires a great value athlon barton chip.

The supplier is www.aria.co.uk and you may be able to find these components slightly cheaper elsewhere but I have a trade account so this is as cheap as anyone for me. Aria have the best customer service of all the PC-etailors and the delivery is usually next day.

Order these components to get a very decent PC. The nvidia fx5200 gaming card is ample for almost all of todays games. The hard disk although a little noisy is very fast. The black floppy and cdrewriter offset the silver fascia of the case nicely. The modem may not be necessary for everyone. This athlon barton chip can be easily overclocked to the same spec as an xp3200+ chip for more experienced builders using this setup.

Shuttle SN45G Barebones System £107.00

AMD AthlonXP 2500 [1.83GHZ 333] OEM £53.00

nVidia GeForce FX 5200 128MB DDR £42.00

120GB Maxtor D/Max ATA133/7200 8MB £54.00

56K Internal PCI Modem (Ambient) £7.50

3½" Black Floppy Drive £9.00

Samsung 52x52x24 CDRW Black £22.00

Now for the most important part of building systems. Use quality branded memory. I always buy my memory from www.crucial.com/uk and you want 2 sticks of this Crucial Memory giving a total of 512meg which is ample for most users with XP. Always buy two sticks with nforce2 motherboards such as this to optimise memory speed.

This PC will be fine for your average user and post here is you want any advice or upgrades to this. As a rule I don't use pentium4 chips as the price vs performance ratio of overclocked Barton xp2500+'s is unbeatable.

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Go to: www.unitedmicro.com

You can find some pretty cheap parts and accessories.

Building a PC:

*Case - Don't have to worry too much on the looks unless you want to

*CD-Rom - Best to get a CD-CDRW and probably DVD Combo

*Cooling Fans - You should get 2 so you don't overheat

*CPU - Get at least a 2.0 so you don't process like a running fat kid

*Hard Drive - I would at least get 30 gigs to install all those games I like to play

*Keyboard & Mice - Doesn't really matter right now

*Monitor - LCD... nice...=D

*Motherboards - AMD Athelon 64 (most wootastic)

*Sound Cards - Doesn't really matter if you combo it with your motherboard

*Speakers - Get some bass blasters

*Video Cards - Get atleast 8x agp

This will probably get you a most affordable and essential computer. You make upgrades if you want an even better one, but this will be a good simple one.

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I just had to add this... after going to one of the websites in this thread I just couldn't help but bring back a tidbit of information from one....... here it is

A Big time chip at a bargain basement price! The Duron 900 will set you back a mere $79.95 (dear lord.... what a lovely bargain)

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