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Win XP Student pro SP2 to SP1


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The only way I could think of to get SP1 would be to find a non SP2 disc and do a regular install.... But not wanting SP2.... Thats basically only reason to use XP IMO. But every time you access internet or anything you will be bugged by MS to upgrade to SP2 anyways. You would be better off staying with SP2.

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Your wrong there all of that info easily applies to SP2 and with minor (REALLY EASY TO DO) modifications it will all work fine.

A few facts for you.

SP1 is ancient and really insecure.

SP2 is relatively up to date and adds more stability and security. (Relative being the keyword) :P

SP3 will be out in a matter of months (Most likely less than 6 months).

SP1 versions of Windows XP are no longer supported by windows update so you will get no updates to your system.

Nlite can easily remove the extra coupla things SP2 adds (like the security center) if you really don't want them that badly.

Seems to me you have fallen prey to all of the mythconceptions about SP2, yes there was some initial problems when it first came out but those where on pre running systems that where upgraded to SP2.

However having it slipstreamed into your installation proves to be a huge boon in performance.

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