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Question regarding DOSNET.INF


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So, in an effort to decrease file copy times during pre-setup, I alpahbetized the [Files] section in DOSNET.INF according to a DOS level dir command.

It worked beautifully.

I'm curious though if I need to retain the [FloppyFiles.#] sections or if they can be deleted as their entries also exist in [Files] section, or if they can be merged into a single [FloppyFiles] section if the windows setup is still utilizing them, even though the install is not occuring from floppy. (What are those things, anyway? j/k :-D )

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Dosnet.inf used to be used to create the boot floppies. You can probably delete those sections safely, although there's a chance recovery console might use them. Simply delete the sections and try!


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As long as you will never install windows from within an existing windows... or you will never create a Multiboot disk... then you don't need those files. I don't think recovery console relies on them either... but I haven't tested it. I would recommend keeping the FloppyFiles.* sections though.

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