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Winpe 2005 with w2k3 r2 source boot on UFD?

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Has anyone done a winpe 2005 image built with windows 2003 R2, created a SDI image and boot into Ram with a UFD?

Ok guys I want to make a UFD Bootable with a SDI image that only needs to have support for diskpart, vb script and cmd prompt

I would also like to have another partition on the UFD to hold some scripts and a wim Image.

Has anyone done anything like this before?

And No I dont want to use winpe 2.0 as I have a few machines that have 256mb of ram an even tho I can boot these machines with winpe 2.0 I can not create any pri partitions.

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got it all worked out now...

I have not bothered with the SDI boot into ram method etc..

I have formated my UFD's with the HP Format Utility and used pe2usb. to create and copy over the files to the UFD.

I placed my scripts in the system32 and copied over my wim image to the root of the UFD X:\Images.

Nowe when the engineers change the desktop hardware they then boot the UFD so that it does the following....

Formats the drive and sets the drive up how I want it

lays the wim onto the drive

It then pulls up a hta with the Computername and asset details which the engineer inputs.

this updates the sysprep.inf and updates a text file call bios.txt

I then write to the bios my boot order, password and asset tag details the machine reboots and then joins the domain.

whole process takes 5mins a machine which I am happy about.

Once all the machines have been done I will then have sms 2003 and ris to deploy my wims which can check the bios for serial and asser details mapped to its pc name.

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