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Using multiple utilities, single result.


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Ok, I want to integrate hot-fixes, AND drivers. But, to keep things simple for me personally, I want to use RyanVM's hot-fix integration (using the 2.1.11 package, WGA, and WMP 10 add-on's) and nLite's driver integration with IE7. This just allows me to get myself to the point of a almost complete updated OS (XP Pro) with very little need for additional updates. My question is what order should I do the integrations? RyanVM first, or nLite first? They both offer making an ISO for burning, I just want to get a good install disk.

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Well, as of right now, I have RyanVM's integration done. I used his software to integrate his stuff. It automatically puts hot fixes in first, then WGA, and then WMP 10.

My main concern is what order to use the integration software.

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i always integrate using rvm integrator first with these addons:

rvm update pack

code65536's rvm addtional update pack

dirextx update addon

wgan addon

patched system files aio addon

removal of language directory addon (fan of lazy here :P)

wmp 11 tweaked addon (boogy's old addons)

all in one session with no problems. if you go with booogy's slipstream method, i'd do that after integrating all of the previous minus the wmp addon of course before starting your nlite session. rvm integrator will automatically put them in the right order so no worries there.

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