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So you think YOU have the best Unattended CD?


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What features does your Unattended XP CD or DVD integrate? Is it truly 100% unattended? Do you have the latest MS Office and Creative Suite on there?

This is a thread for myself and others to realize the possibilities, and get inspired.

I myself just started, I have gotten only a few applications to work silently.

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Mine is not the best Unattended solution out there, but it does the task i've designed it for beautifully.

Here's what it does:

1. Windows PE image that's being booted from PXE (WDS server)

2. Connect to a network share that contains the source files for the Win2k3 Std. installation.

3. Automatic configuration of RAID controller (to make a raid 0 configution).

4. Automatic partitioning of the logical disk into 2 partitions and set the drive letter of the cd-rom to E.

5. Complete unattended installation of Windows

6. After installation, all drivers not yet recognized by Windows are being installed silently.

7. Automatic teaming of my 2 NIC's and set an static IP to the network team.

8. Automatic installation of Terminal Services

9. Automatic installation of Citrix Presentation Server 4.0

10. Automatic installation of ALL application needed by our users.

The last 3 steps are not mine to take credit for though. We do this with the help of Solution 4 by Login Consultants

Take a look at their website.

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