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Alternatives to Windows Explorer?


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Do you want to have another program to do your file management or change the appearance and/or function of the Windows shell?

There are kind of two different "Windows Explorers", the file manager and the shell. Therefore we aren't quite sure what you really mean and want, hence the different suggestions posted by others.

The term "Windows Explorer" is most commonly used when referring to the file manager, and if that's what you want then there are a number of options:

xplorer² ("Pro" version is not free, but "lite" is)

ExplorerXP (Free)

And as GrofLuigi already mentioned, probably the most well known one:

Total Commander (Shareware=you can test it for free)

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Why would you change the desktop shell which 99 44/100 % of all your users know how to use? Why not let the unwashed masses use Windows Explorer and you install the addon of your choice, such as Total Commander? If you force them to use another file manager they will be lost, things won't work right, and you'll get complaint calls just because you changed it. Windows Explorer is the devil you know and is best left right where it is.

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And yet another one who just replies willy nilly without reading the entire thread. :rolleyes:

I think I'm looking for a different File Management System, as opposed to a desktop shell. Anybody have personal experience and recommendations?
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