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integrated updates not properly installed


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Well, I integrated all the updates including the peformance and compability ones with v1.1. I did this before the bunch of August ones came out. Anyway, when I integrated them, I didn't put them in order of when it was released. However, I didn't get any error messages during the slipstreaming process. Now, I have all my software installed and don't want to have to reinstall. 3 of the new August updates won't install. Also, I noticed that the file versions of the performance and compatibility didn't match the ones found on MS's website. I tried to see if the other updates were properly installed, but couldn't find file version information about them. Is there a way to check if all the updates were properly installed?

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Is there a way to check if all the updates were properly installed?

Please forgive me if this seems too elementary and you're talking about something else, but today I integrated about fifty hotfixes and patches with Vlite. I can see the ALL of the updates I integrated by going to the control panel and clicking on Windows Update. Now, when the WU panel is open, in the lower left hand corner of the screen is a link called "Installed Updates." Click on this, and your integrated updates should be listed.

BTW: I had one WU that would not install today...it was a junk e-maill filter update for Windows Mail. But since I got rid of Windows Mail with Vlite, I'm not surprised.

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