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safe to integrate all hotfixes if some are for removed comps.?


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i remove all i need with vlite and then install in vmware....check what fixes i need and then integrate those.

my current vlite install under windows update will list 2 hotfixes that always fail to install but it would be alot easier to just integrate all of them, i'm hoping vlite only integrates what i need but before i make a new one i wanted to make sure whether its safe to do so or not...too much trouble to nitpick, i'd rather just use update otherwise

thanks for you input booogggy

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vLite will remove *parts* of an associated hotfix along with the matching component removed.

This is good since you can remove IE, WMP after integrating the hotfixes for them and still benefit from updated codecs, html engine etc. while still having the non wanted parts of the hotfix removed.

Also, WU won't bug you to install the update and bloat your install with files you already removed! :)

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