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Driver Problems


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Ok, I have the Driver directory with a tonnes of drivers in (originally sourced from here I think) which has worked well for a long time.

We've recently purchased about 40 HPXW4400's, so I've adapted the image to contain the new drivers obtained from HP's website - including the 3 different storage options they have (Lightscribe x2 and Intel). I've added the drivers path to the registry directly as the string is too long for the OEMPNP path within sysprep.

Usually when I do this, the drivers slot in ok and enables the mini-setup to proceed. This isn't the case with the HP's; Instead I'm getting a BSOD giving 0x0000007b error. A search on Microsoft's site suggests inaccessible boot device which is usual when a driver is missing.

I'm at a loss... I've tried all the drivers on HP, both Storage and chipset but nothing seems to work! Is there a maximum size for the registry key? Perhaps the path string is truncating? I'd assumed that by moving the string here from the OEMPNP path would be ok...

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Unfortunately adding the drivers to the drivers path does not help with mass storage controllers required for boot up. The driver needs to have been added to the critical devices database in the registry. This is done by the MassStorage section of sysprep.

It has been asked multiple times and as of yet I have not seen a way around re-syspreping the image.

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Ok.. I didn't know that.

I've done a bit of reading about this section and am a little unclear about a few things.

Microsoft say:

You do not need to create the entries manually in the [sysprepMassStorage] section. Instead, you can include the BuildMassStorageSection = Yes entry in the [sysprep] section of the Sysprep.inf file.

Sysprep will automatically generate the entries in [sysprepMassStorage] for all mass-storage controllers that are specified by the Plug and Play hardware IDs in the Machine.inf, Scsi.inf, Pnpscsi.inf, and Mshdc.inf files, and will install those mass-storage controllers.

Am I right in assuming that sysprep will only look in the locations in bold, or does it do this in addition to the drivers directory specified in the registry as I stated above? If not, do I need to add the id's of the controllers I require to any of these files?


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You assume correctly. This will only generate the entries for the builtin drivers. You then have to add your own lines.

Just generate the entries once, then add your lines. You get a clue on what to add when looking into the txtsetup.oem files that came with your massstorage drivers.

There is also an official howto in file ref.chm in your sysprep folder.

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Ok, I'm still a little stuck..

I looked at the machine.inf etc and couldn't see where to put any entries. So I did as suggested here but I'm getting a registry access error and the reseal fails.

Any ideas?


Here is the entry in Sysprep.


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The registry error seems to occur when some spot in the registry for a driver does not have the default permissions. Here's how I have worked out getting around it:

Open a CMD window, type: at 8:59 /interactive cmd.exe

where 8:59 is 1 minute ahead of the current system time.

when the new cmd window opens it will open in system context, run sysprep with your desired switched from within this second cmd window. Sysprep then completes without an issue.

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