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how to split XP iso or visto to burn on cd in 2-3 parts?


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hi mates

i wanna learn how i can split xp or vista to burn on cds

coz i ve cd rom and i cant burn a dvd

so any software or trick on how to split xp iso or vista?

i ve made a xp with n-lite and put lots of addon in it... now its size reach to 1345 mbs

so i ve to split them into parts to burn......... but how?

means during installation a pop up come and ask me to insert 2 nd cd to continue... but how i do it?

plz help me mates,,, its urgent

thanking u

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You are going to have to do it again with less addons and learn how to use another app like WPI, XPlode, WIHU or even the good old runonce style installation of applications.

You CANNOT Split the XP installation in 2 or more parts.

If you only have a CDROM then I wuold think your system probably cannot handle Vista but if you are determined enough to do it use vLite it will split the iso into cd sized peices that work properly.

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