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Get Your Vista Drivers & Missing Files Back!


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Please try check the manufactuer's website for the latest driver before using this method, this is incase you cannot find your drivers or want to use windows default, This will get any driver which you accidently deleted using vLite n if you have any problems please tell me

PLEASE READ!!!! If you are getting a message saying "missing file *filename* then this guide can be used for you!

Firstly special thx to the following members for Info & Suggestions, much appreciated



You will need...


Fresh Vista source required! (or a source where you didnt remove the drivers you need)

Firstly 7zip cannot modify the install.wim it can be used just to get what you need.

How to open the WIM files

Open 7zip goto "Tools" > "Options" and tick the wim box and click OK. This will allow you to easily open the wim files

There is 4 parts:

1. Open the install.wim

2. Finding your Vista Version

3. Copying your Drivers

4. Installing the driver

1.Open install.wim with 7zip (located at VISTADVD\Sources\)


2. Finding your Vista Version

Open up the the XML file look through this until you see the version you are using.

for example if your looking for Vista Ultimate x86 look for <NAME>Windows Vista Ultimate x86</Name> and just above it is the

"<IMAGE INDEX=*number*>"


Files - For fixing "missing files" messages

If you are missing a file and just drag and drop the file into the folder it needs to go

for Example "wer.dll"

Browse to \*number from above*\Windows\System32\wer.dll)

and drag it into your windows system32 folder and then thats it :D

Please note: you may have to change permissions to the folders.

If you do then remember to change them back!(optional)


1. Copy your Drivers

Browse to \*number from above*\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\)

Lets say for example i wanted the Drivers for a Canon Printer, copy the prnca001.in_???? folder to WindowsDrive(default is C:)"\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository" (If you do not know what folder you need look below under requests or make a post with the hardware type & model

You will need to change the permissions on the FileRepository Folder


drag/copy to


For security reasons please change the permissions back to default on the "FileRepository" Folder after the copy has completed :)

2. Installing the driver

In control panel go to Add New hardware > Manual > Select Type of Device (not automatic)



if that does not work then go to Show All devices, Have disk and browse to.. "*Windows Drive*\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\*folder you copied*" and then open the inf and select your driver from the list.


its depends on the manufacturer and components (examples below)

prn = printer

mdm = modem

net = network card

Manufacturer examples

hp = HP

ca = CANON

so = Sony

ep = Epson

So you if want epson printer drivers just copy prnep001.inf_?????? to your desktop

prn = printer

ep = epson

001 doesnt mean anything really

The ???? is jsut random numbers and letters

not all the drivers are so easy to find

Requests for Driver Folder Location

Printer, Cannon = prnca001.inf_????????

Printer, HP = prnhp001.inf_???????

Printer, Epson = prnep001.inf_??????

If you have any problem please tell me, in your post please write what version of windows i.e Windows Ultimate x86 and the windows file/driver you are looking for... Thanks

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lol that true, there was a topic with someone trying to get there drivers back so decided to make a guide, took some time but it works and its not just for printer drivers :thumbup

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hey thank you soo much! i finally got around to installing it today.

i got the correct file from the vista dvd then i used your other guide for the rest.

the one problem is that the hp priners did not show up.. so i had to say "have disk" and i browsed to the hp driver folder and selected the .ini file. then i selected my printer model and it worked :thumbup

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I got a message saying missing "wer.dll" and "faultrep.dll"and used this method to get it back and fixed the problem! Could play Inkball again :P

need help just post below :P

EDIT: This can only be used if you get a missing file error! just simply get the file you need, thats all! :D

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at the link at the top download 7zip (download the beta) and open the install.wim with that, with 7zip you cannot modify the install.wim as this guide is used for getting files you need from the install.wim. If you have already downloaded 7zip beta... open it goto tools > options and tick "wim" then ok. Then you can just double click your WIM file.

What version of vista do you use and what file/driver are you after?


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  • 4 months later...

Bump for a very useful thread that could be useful as a sticky... and cause I need a hand.

I can't seem to change the permissions on the FileRepository folder. Every time I try to grant it "full access" I just get a bunch of "Access is denied" messages.

I'm sure it's something painfully obvious that I'm missing at this early hour in the morning. If anyone has a thought, I'd appreciate it.


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Download the zip below and run the add the regfile (maybe have to run as admin), once done right click on the FileRepository folder and click Take Ownership. Once done you can go back to the secruity tab (right click > properties) go to edit and give yourself full access. You should be able to add the driver folder now :)

Good Luck


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Thank you legolash!

Of course, now I'm having other problems. When I go to install the printer, I get a "Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000057)." message. I don't know if I borked something up trying to install the wrong drivers earlier (has a PostScript for XP driver that I tried which obviously didn't work).

If anyone has any bright ideas for that (seemingly unrelated) problem, let me know. I'm continuing to Google but not having much luck at this point. I really don't want to format again, but...

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