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VB6 SP5 Not sure it's installed or not on XP machine


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I have a 2000 machine at work that has VB6 SP5 on it and we are setting up a backup machine (XP) and want to be "EQUAL" as far

as service packs go.

VB6 installs fine. SP5 looks like it runs fine, but when you go into the VB6 IDE , Help , About Microsoft Visual Basic there's

no mention of SP5. We have another 2000 machine with SP5 installed and it shows up in the "About".

I think that the following is what SP5 installs:

Version Size

ASYCFILT.DLL 2.40.4522.0 143,632

COMCAT.DLL 5.0.2195.1 3,856

MSVBVM60.DLL 1,385,744

OLEAUT32.DLL 2.40.4522.0 626,960

OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4522.0 164,112

STDOLE2.TLB 2.40.4522.0 16,896

Anyone come across this before or can verify that the above files are what gets installed and are the correct versions?


PS, sorry I can't for some reason get the file name, version + sizes to look good.

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Almost forgot, but if you have the VB6 itself installed on your computer you would need the VB6SP6b installed. However if you don't have VB6 installed all you would need is the runtimes.

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Thanks for the quick responses. I know that SP6 does exist. SP5 has served us well and knowing what I know about installing MS products, it's the devil you do know as opposed to the devil you don't. I'd hate to install SP6, find out there's compatability issues and not have a relatively easy path for going back.

Any of you ever have the calendar control problem. If you use MSCAL.OCX, you may have issues depending on the PC. There has to at least 10 different versions of it. On some machines the calendar shows up black, other machines the the fonts show up in .0000001 point size, still other machines you put in code to force the Year month + day of the calendar to a specific date but the date won't take unless the date is clicked on (you can see a broken outline around the date on the calendar but the date is not set). MS had a fix a couple of years ago for a updated calendar control. They more or less said that "you people should have never used this thing in the first place, but you all did and maybe this will help". It did for awhile.

For years MDAC would play havoc on machines where my programs were installed. We had a joke to only install ODD MDAC point releases, they seemed to work better.

I've got about 60 - 70 VB programs installed on a server that a couple of hundred PCs can use. I only use a finite # of controls that I KNOW are installed on the PCs. That way we don't have to do a install of the app everytime on every machine. It does limit me to the COOL stuff but it makes implementing the apps much easier. So, my fear is that a VB6 SP6 compile will NOT be installed on the PC and the PC has SP5 components installed and registered.

Almost all connect to ORACLE databases (over 130 of them). I have one program that runs about 1400 times a day and moves around 45,000 reports.

We've only got 2 machines, mine and another with the Visual Studio (with VB 6) installed. The way things work here for auditing purposes (bank auditors) is that the programmer puts the source code in VSS after being satisfied with the testing that took place. We then have other people compile the version that goes into production. That way the programmer can't monkey with the source after the fact for the major/minor version of the program that went into production. I don't think much of this process, because my devious mind can come up with a bunch of ways to circumvent this, but it is what it is.

One of the people who does these compiles had a small stroke a couple of months ago and the machine (this XP one) we are trying to set this up on is his. He's going to try half days logging in with GOTOMYPC. So, if he compiles the program, that's the one that will be used in a production environment.

I could install SP6 and that one may not say it's installed either, even though it might be, and I would be in the same boat as SP5.

Slowly but surely, we will try to get new apps written in one of the .NET languages. We are working to get the interfaces that our clients use to the ORACLE D/Bs written using .NET. But, it doesn't make sense to rewrite an existing in house app when it works just fine.

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Did some more checking this morning. 2 XP machines have higher versions and new dates of the files in question.

The other machine that VB 6 SP5 is installed on matches the files (size + major/minor) exactly.

It may be that older files will not be installed when running the SP5 install. So, nothing was installed

which means SP5 wasn't installed.

I'm most likely going to compile a sampling of my programs , compile them on the XP box and try them

out. If the results that come out look ok, I'll have to trust the XP box.

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