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DOSNET.INF processing


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Look at the file name - dosnet.inf. You have dos, you have network. Dosnet.inf was designed for those situations when the source files might not be available to setup.


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DOSNET.INF is processed at any time that the source files are not on the drive that Windows NT is to be installed on.

That is, if the directories $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~LS are not in place, and the system is not going to boot into the former, than DOSNET.INF is processed. (these directories are on the boot and system drives respectively).

The character-mode setup does these things:

1. Copy all files, listed in the appropriate sections of DOSNET.INF to the directories.

2. Copy all files in the appropriate $OEM$ structure.

3. Process files in the appropriate section of TXTSETUP.SIF, which creates the boot hives. The hives themselves are stored in HIVE*.INF.

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