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VLITE Work With Windows Anytime Upgrade?


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I am making this post on my new laptop that included Vista Basic, I at this time am not that satisfied with Vista but am going to continue to give it a try until I get absolutly fed up with it. I have been trying to find a Vista Basic OEM disc so I can reinstall a clean install of vista and install my own software, the only thing I do want to keep is the software they put on my laptop to make a recovery cd or dvd. I dont know how to get it back after a clean install, but if anyone has a copy of vista basic oem id appreciate a loan of the disc or even a copy since I own a license for it. And can I use the Windows anytime upgrade cd to do a clean install of basic vista? and can i use it with nlite? Thanks.

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Nathan0490, don't spread misinformation. If one needs setup.exe then keep Manual Install component. And for Update keep Windows Easy Transfer as well.

Alright sorry, didn't know that, i'm actually redrumy's friend who's having the issue with mine. Thank you for the heads up.

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