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Have chosen settings, now how do I burn?

King Mustard

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nuhi, you have the patience of a god :)

i'd just start over if i was you

copy all dvd contents to C:\vista or whatever

make sure you have newest vlite (1.0 final is current), choose your source (browse to it using vlite) and select the corrent version of vista, select all the Tasks (besides the show iso screen before apply -just incase)

make your choices to your dvd -components you tick are one's that will be removed, click apply, and choose the 2nd option (will make sure you only have one version of vista on your dvd then)

imo, it's a pretty logical process..

Right, I have done exactly that more than once! Read the topic :S

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i think that everybody read the topic and understood whats up.....

as long as it seems that u dont...it means vlite its not a program for u. :hello:

So you mean you can't help me with my problem.

Fair enough.

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On further inspection, it does seem to have removed things like the Sample Pictures and Screensavers.

So my question is, why do you think it was unable to remove things like the Snipping Tool and the Welcome Center? :)

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