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Man you are wasting quite a bit of money on that ram. ddr2 600 is THE MAX your board will run at.

Putting ddr2 800 in there will work BUT it downclocks it to the highest speed it can handle (ddr2 500).

ddr2 800 = wasted money

ddr2 600 = :thumbup

I can't really understand the site your looking at due to a language barrier but this --> http://www.edbpriser.dk/Products/Listprices.asp?ID=138806 looks like what you need and is some 200-250 kr. cheaper (I think i read it right)

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As far as I know the price on DDR2 400/533/667/800 is almost the same, just the "non standard" 1066 is more expensive. Too avoid problems I would go with 533MHz again b/c you are not realy a technical guy I saw from your posts.

How fast is that CPU and on what FSB is it running?

If it´s a 800MHz FSB CPU I would let the RAM run on 400MHz (200MHz DDR) and when it´s running on 533 FSB like the Celeron then I would use 533 (266MHz DDR).

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