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Most obscure bug

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<NetworkLocation>xxx</NetworkLocation> is the one bugs me the most for an unattended, pops up after you start installing

It is an official bug. It can be resolved with a command reg.exe add ..... added in RunAsynchronous.

I can give you the command next week if you want. I found it on MS Technet Community forums, in Vista Deployment section.

One of my most obscure bug was with BDD 2007.

The LiteTouch wizard was ignoring all instructions (SkipWelcome, SkipProductKey ...) because I modified CustomSettings manually and it was saved as an Unicode file instead of an ANSI file.


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If you remove security center, a standard user will get a red shield alert asking to turn on Security Center. Normally, you can disable this warning by double clicking the red shield and clicking "Change the way Security Center alerts me", but if you remove Security Center, this link disappears and if you try to turn on Security Center to get rid of the warning you can't because you already removed it. LMAO

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Currently, I am building some "hot" workstations as research workhorses. Those beasts are equiped with 2x Quad Xeon 2.33Ghz (8 processor), 8GB of Ram, a RAID10 of 15K SAS Drive for fast workspace and a RAID5 of 1TB drives for storage, Quad Gigabit NIC, Etc... you get the idea: expensive and no compromise.

Currently, I have three of them installed with Vista Ultimate Edition having a trully annoying issue: they don't want to work with USB Storage devices (Flash drives, External drives, etc.). :angry:

The "fun" part is that they worked for a while but now they don't! :blink:

Whenever you plug a device it says the driver could not be installed blah, blah, blah.

I tried several tricks I found on some forums with people having the same issue but no luck.

I found some other stuff I will try but for now this is a real pain in the a**.

Thanks Microsoft. :thumbup

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