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Need quick help

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I need your help again. This is problem:

I made unattended WindowsXP instalation, and it installs critical updates through SVCPACK method. The problem occurs in T-13 when I get message "Please choose directrory to extract files". It has some default adress. I just click OK, and it finishes instalation of critical updates and then go further with instalation of Windows.

How could I escape that message?

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Here it is:

;Windows XP


signature="$Windows NT$"





CatalogSubDir = "\i386\svcpack"



KB873339.exe /q /o /n /z

KB885250.exe /q /o /n /z

KB885835.exe /q /o /n /z

KB885836.exe /q /o /n /z

KB886185.exe /q /o /n /z

KB887742.exe /q /o /n /z

KB888113.exe /q /o /n /z

KB888302.exe /q /o /n /z

KB890046.exe /q /o /n /z

KB890859.exe /q /o /n /z

KB891781.exe /q /o /n /z

KB893756.exe /q /o /n /z

KB894391.exe /q /o /n /z

KB896358.exe /q /o /n /z

KB896422.exe /q /o /n /z

KB896423.exe /q /o /n /z

KB896424.exe /q /o /n /z

KB896428.exe /q /o /n /z

KB896688.exe /q /o /n /z

KB898461.exe /q /o /n /z

KB899587.exe /q /o /n /z

KB899589.exe /q /o /n /z

KB899591.exe /q /o /n /z

KB900725.exe /q /o /n /z

KB901017.exe /q /o /n /z

KB901190.exe /q /o /n /z

KB901214.exe /q /o /n /z

KB902400.exe /q /o /n /z

KB904706.exe /q /o /n /z

KB905414.exe /q /o /n /z

KB905749.exe /q /o /n /z

KB905915.exe /q /o /n /z

KB908519.exe /q /o /n /z

KB911280.exe /q /o /n /z

KB911564.exe /q /o /n /z

KB911565.exe /q /o /n /z

KB911927.exe /q /o /n /z

KB912919.exe /q /o /n /z

KB913446.exe /q /o /n /z

KB914388.exe /q /o /n /z

KB920685.exe /q /o /n /z

KB923191.exe /q /o /n /z

KB923414.exe /q /o /n /z

KB923689.exe /q /o /n /z

KB923980.exe /q /o /n /z

KB924270.exe /q /o /n /z

KB924667.exe /q /o /n /z

KB925902.exe /q /o /n /z

KB926247.exe /q /o /n /z

KB926436.exe /q /o /n /z

KB927802.exe /q /o /n /z

KB928255.exe /q /o /n /z

KB929123.exe /q /o /n /z

KB929969.exe /q /o /n /z

KB930178.exe /q /o /n /z

KB931784.exe /q /o /n /z

KB932168.exe /q /o /n /z

KB935448.exe /q /o /n /z

KB935839.exe /q /o /n /z

KB935840.exe /q /o /n /z

KB935843.exe /q /o /n /z


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@Asymmetry: You don't have any catalog in the [ProductCatalogsToInstall] section. If you have Windows File Protection enabled, catalogs are required. Also, try to remove the qchain.exe file at the end. This tool is obsolete, since new hotfixes have this tool integrated. Qchain allows to install several updates without rebooting. This is no longer necessary.

Note: In order to integrate hotfixes, it is necessary to use the /integrate switch with type 1 hotfixes. How did you integrate the hotfixes? It's not enough editing the SVCPACK.INF file. Another changes are required.

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Uh, man!

I didn't integrate them. If I did that, I don't know how! I just copied that hotfixes in SVCPACK folder in I386 and did this SVCPACK.txt. Thats' all!

What should I do?

And what should I have in [ProductCatalogsToInstall]?

Thanx a lot!

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If you are going to go that route you may as well just integrate them.


<update name>.exe /integrate:<path to xp source>

<update name> = original downloaded name or rename to 8.3 filename

<path to source> = your working location you copied the cd to

Or use nLite, or any umber of utilities and scripts to download and or integrate them. there are also update packs you can use to integrate all the updates.

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I used nLite last time, and that didn't happen at T-13. That's OK, but ...

When I finished installation I went to Add/Remove Programs and I found just one of 61 !!!!! How is it possible? Where are those 60 ? In Add/Remove Programs only win32 cabinet self-extractor type is installed.

I want to know are others updates installed?

Please, answer

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nLite does not create entries corresponding to hotfixes in the Add or Remove Programs dialog if they are directly integrated. That hotfix which you can see probably it is from a Windows Media Player installed separately or another application which installs hotfixes. However, those 61 hotfixes will be installed. You can check out this visiting the Windows Update web site.

The reason for this is because nLite slipstreams files included in hotfixes directly to the installation source, replacing the originals on the I386 folder.

If you want to see again the entries in ARP, uncheck the option "Direct integration" in the "Advanced options" button of nLite.

Note that disabling direct integration installation will be slower at T-13 phase (because hotfixes must be launched one by one) and the installation source will take more space on the CD/DVD.

Edited by ponghy
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