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Another "Network path not found" problem


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Ok so here's the deal. My pal just bought a laptop and we set everything up (formatted Windows because who the hell like the crap they insert there anyway, installed the WLAN router and installed all drivers). Everything was doing fine and the last thing I remember was that we installed all the windows updates on that laptop. After that this laptop and my pals main desktop computer could not communicate with eachother. It all worked great before. They can ping and see eachother through the network, but you can't share anything.

I've tried:

Installed NETBIOS protocol (because for some reason this helped me when I had this problem with another network)

Cleaning all the Winsocks

Uninstalling and reinstalling all protocols incase some got corrupted

Disabling Firewall service and Security Center (before I disabled them I turned everything off)

Configuring the router to open on port 445 which MS claims to be used when transferring things through a LAN (which is weird because I've never done it on my computer and it works great anyway)

Configuring the Windows Firewall to open on the same ports inorder to pass through sharing.


What could windows update have possibly done that screwed this up so bad?

The funny thing is that my pals secondary desktop computer is able to communicate with both the main desktop computer and the laptop without any problems whatsoever.

I'm out of ideas guys and I need your help. What could be the cause? And please don't tell me to format because I'm aware of that option, but I'd like to know the cause of this freakin' problem. :)

Thanks in advance!


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best way to share stuff in xp is to disable simple file sharing, check that file and print is allowed through the firewall and set appropriate permissions on your shares, it should work.

try just browsing to \\ip_address and see if the shares show up

btw dont open up 445 on the router! close that asap :)

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Yeah, I closed it down since it didn't do any good but why should I close it ASAP?

EDIT: Ok, we made all those changes and when the IP adress is used instead of the computer name, access can be attained, but only from one side that is from the desktop to the laptop. The laptop refuses o access the desktop. If the computer names are used, we're back to square one. Being forced to use ip adresses instead of names makes me think of DNS. Could it be that something is wrong with it? What was the command to check the computer's DNS list? And why isn't this sharing working both ways?

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I was at my pals place again this weekend and I solved the **** thing. Problem is that I don't know how. I did bit of clicking here and there and all of a sudden it worked. All I know is that it was just after I re-enabled simple file sharing.

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