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Password Protection Question


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This may not be possible, because I have looked everywhere and cannot find anything, but I thought I would ask.

Is there any way to password protect individual emails in Outlook?

Some of my older associates are not very technically savvy. Requiring them to log in to Outlook just to check normal emails would be a hassle for everyone. However, some emails that I send to them need to be protected from anyone else seeing them.

Is there any way to require recipients to type in a password in order to read specific emails that need to be kept private? If this doesn't make sense let me know and I can try and explain the situation better. Basically I am asking if it is possible to password lock individual emails when I send them so that only the recipient (who knows the password) can open/read the email.

Thanks for any help!

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I've never heard of this being possible either. I do have an idea though. What you could do is create mailboxes... and then only join certain individuals to those mailboxes and then add them to their Outlook. You could then send emails to only those certain individuals you'd like.

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