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to the dude who make nlite


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first of all, thank you. I am still getting to know nlite but it is a dream come true. I am requesting some more user friendliness if you have the time. These are my specs.

AMD nforce 4 motherboard

1gb ram

sli 6800 LE graphics by 2

xp x64 x2 CPU

sataII HDD

If any one can help me it would be appreciated :)

I am a sound engineer working with pro tools le 7 at home. I am looking for a script file to load my nvida graphics drivers and motherboard drivers. 6.85 MB and latest Graphics. Also I am trying to get my xp pro to barebone essentials. I need to play a few games C&C3 etc, run pro tools and access the web. I require a dual core hotfix and dual core optimizer for my pro tools and games. what I am looking for is the ultimate script file for this setup and how to for nlite. As well as the guy who writes nlite to add this into his settings as their are lots and lots of sound guys who know nothing about computers who could really benefit from something like this. I am quite frankly asking for help on how to get the perfect setup. At the moment my installation cd is down to 157MB but things are not quite right. I will continue to experiment, but like I said before any help would be greatly appreciated as time is not on my side. I hope I was clear enough. So many people need this. Just take a look at digidesign DUC forums for specs. :)

Many thanks


grant osborne


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There is an nLite forum on this board. :hello: You might get more help over there.

their are lots and lots of sound guys who know nothing about computers who could really benefit from something like this.

I doubt those people would be interrested in using nLite. I even think it is a bad idea to use nLite for someone else's computer. I don't mean "keep it secret", I mean use it for yourself, knowing what you do.

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To both use nLite and keep it simple, I suggest removing Accessibility, unneeded Languages and Drivers, integrate your own drivers. I only keep two Multimedia components; OpenGL and DirectX obviously. EVerything else goes. Leave the OS, Network and Services alone unless you know specifically what to remove.

Doing this will take your filesize down by over 50-60% and you will lose no functionality at all. It's the people who want to save on every byte who get delete-happy, screw themselves over, whine and cry, then beg for a magical way to undo the problem without having to start from scratch.

Keep it simple.

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thanks for the reply. One question. I seemed to load all the nvidia mainboard drivers just the graphics drivers did not take. Do I have to add the .sif file, and if so are there any precompiled files out there :)

Also I was thinking that maybe nlite could use black vipers list as a preconfigured file to choose a basic type of setup.:)

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Since I use nVidia card there is no way that the driver integration didn't work.

Once downloaded from the nvidia.com extract it (by right-clicking and choose extract to, have winrar installed) to some folder and integrate that folder, don't delete anything, it should be 30-50MB.

I don't recommend any kind of template because the goal of nLite is to configure it the way you want and one bad setting can make you reinstall again, and again.

Check out the virtual machines for testing.

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i agree with Nuhi, not using any preset or template because ther you can get small differences be2in the first end the second nlited windows CD, i made a few isos and i had such results, new sources, same nlite version, same preset but slighty changes, i only change administrator names and users, there should be no changes other than user names. i think it happens with nlite 1.2 1.2.1 and 1.3 i didnt try 1.3.5...

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