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WAIK Newbie Questions

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I have grown interested in creating an unattended install file for Vista because it would seem to be an excellent way to automate settings that I currently would have to apply when manually. However, I am stuck because I don't have a DVD burner and it would seem that you would need one since the WAIK download rings in at 992MB.

Is there any way to mount the img file you get when you download the WAIK? I have a 2GB flash drive, so I would be able to save the contents of the image file once it was mounted. If it helps, I am running Vista x64 right now, but I do have the x86 media as well.

Finally, is there a listing available of all the settings that the WAIK can make just using an answer file?

Thanks everyone!

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If you mount the ISO, then install the WAIK. There is a compiled help file (.chm) available with the complete list of settings for the answer file. If you are not familiar with XML you have to use the Windows System Image Manager to create the unattend.xml file. Within this Image manager you can see all the options and settings available.


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