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Stupid question


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I've always used RyanVM's Integrator and nLite for previous discs I've made.

However I'd like to properly slipstream WM11, DX9c and IE7 rather than use post-installers.

From what I understand HFSLIP can do this. I went to an updates page that gave me a list of updates I should download, and folders to dump them in. However, it didn't have download links for most of the HFCABS files, specifically the DirectX cabs I am most interested in. The page also made no mention really of if I needed the main DirectX installer, or what I should do with it.

I looked on the website for instructions, and while it had general instructions for using HFSLIP, it didn't specifically cover DirectX 9 integration.

So what am I supposed to do?

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Hi !

For DX9.0c you just need some cab files in HFCAB:

*d3dx9*x86.cab, *d3dx10*x86.cab, *XACT*x86.cab and *xinput*x86.cab

All the supported hotfixes are listed here :


That is the link I pulled all the other files from.

I see those files listed, but can not download them. There are no links for those cabs on the site you mentioned. The "button" you click to download the files is greyed out.

temp.png - see what I mean?

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Windows XP SP2 contains DirectX 9.0c. The files shown on my list are extra gaming binaries, not DirectX9 core files.

As mentioned in the Notes section on that same page:

"You will need a decompression program (such as 7-zip or WinRAR) to extract the necessary files out of some of the downloaded installers. From the updates listed below, this applies to the new DirectX9 gaming binaries and the Windows Media 9/10 codecs."

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