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Help with integrating Windows Updates into vLite


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I am trying to create a light weight installation of Vista with new drivers and all the new updates. I have gotten all of my drivers together, but I cannot figure out the update part.

Where do I download Windows updates (or where are they stored on my computer) and how to I merge them with the Vista DVD.


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Since vLite currently doesn't support hotfix integration you can simply search for the information regarding Vista, it will work the same.

Keyword is peimg tool.

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most likely vlite will support hotfix integration in future.

But in the mean time, go to www.autopatcher.com and download the AutoPatcher Vista May Full and put that in your vlited Vista DVD.

Simply run it after setup will give you all updates up until May 2007. (save time from redownloading all updates)

Otherwise, wait until vlite support Hotfix integration.

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