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Need Help With Last Instalation Screen


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I have a problem i create a cd of windows xp corp sp2 using nlite 1.4 beta or 1.3.5 and it removes the last instalation screen which i want to keep, here is a pic of the screen that gets removed:


i want this final phaze of the setup to remain on the instalation can somebody tell me what i am doing wrong please i i have uploaded my nlite settings in this post if they are of any help thank you for your time.


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That's called "OOBE" make sure your not removing it , also post your winnt.sif file please so we can look for the cause :)

ahhh i see i thought OOBE was the activation exe that is used to activate windows versions that are not corporate so i removed it as for the winnt.sif file i do not have it sorry i formatted my machine earlier well i will try agen with me nlite wersion of windows thank you very much for your help.

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