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Hi there

I am new to unattended install for winxp, I have come a long way, but I am wondering how to add folders for Internet Explorer with Links underneath so that my favourites are always there after I have done a fresh install.

Looking forward to a response.


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Hello and welcome, jeinnor.

I assume you have a set of favorites you want to add into your new installation. Favorites is just a folder containing shortcuts. You can add to it, delete it or completely replace it. You'll find it in documents and settings\(user name). You can manually drag your old favorites into the folder or copy them with cleanup.cmd. I take it a little further:

I wrote a simple batch file (cmd) that xcopies my favorites folder to my second hard drive. I've scheduled that to run every night. During reinstallation, cleanup.cmd deletes the default favorites folder and xcopies my saved favorites from the second drive to %UserProfile%\Favorites. When I start IE on the new machine, all of my favorites, as of the last nightly save, are there for me to use. The only good or bad thing is that the favorites on my new installation are sorted alphabetically.

If you're asking how to create a favorites shortcut and put it into favorites, I have no idea. Although I can't imagine why you would want to do that, anyway.


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I believe he is asking how he can preconfigure his unattended install, so that when installation is complete, all his collected or chosen favourites have automaticaly populated his %userprofile%\favorites folder, ergo no need to transfer them manually at a later date.

You can use the section of the winnt.sif file and put a list of all your favourites in there. You chould check out the forum for a guide on this, there is probably a hundred and one of them on here.

Altenatively, you can create a batch file that copies a backup of your favourites folder (included on the final unattended cd, before burning), during install.

It's creates for a perfect exclusive and personal restore disk, man!

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