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Found 1 result

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, meanwhile I'm fixing the last important stuff in release version of Aero Glass for Win8 (it's really hot here so I'm lazy to code anything and I do now want to make any bug in last changes), I decided to provide you the first look at Aero Glass for Win8.1. This is the prototype only so it misses all additional features. It simply adds glass effect to windows frame and glow effect to windows caption. No additional settings available, every value is hardcoded. The prototype is not intended for daily use nor for bug hunting. It is just for showing you how the implementation for Windows 8.1 could look like and for discussing the main glitches in the glass design. This thread is not intended for any kind of support so do not ask when it is released, how to do..., how to change..., etc. Just for looking at. Simply unpack to your custom location and run attached EXE file. Already opened windows are not handled correctly for various reasons so do not report this as a bug. The glow effect is always loaded from the file C:\glass\glow.bmp (the path is currently hardcoded) and if this file is not found, it will try to use glow effect from your Windows theme (not that one in theme resource but that one which is used e.g. for ribbon windows). http://glass8.berlios.de/win81.html Oh yes, I would forgot, since it is prototype only, it works only for a very limited period. Do NOT ask how to extend this period, it's not sense of preview. Donators can use their keys to use this version without any limitation.
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